Dolphin killing

Mariano Ricciardi


E.G.U essay

Dolphins have been loved throughout the years and seem to be people’s favorite animal. However see how much harm these animals have faced and ways people have tried to help. People have been very brutal to dolphins but in many ways have helped.


These animals have been harmed in many ways. One reason is how people who put them in aquariums sometimes leave them in toxic tanks to die. Also Japanese fisherman kill thousands of them a day with harpoons for food and brutalize the animals. Lastly tuna companies have killed millions of them by catching them in their nets and suffocating and making them disoriented in their nets.


Throughout all of these bad things, many people have helped these dolphins in many ways. People have video taped these awful attacks and have cause the whole country of Japan to stop killing dolphins. Accredited aquarium owners will put them in clean tanks to make the dolphins feel more at home. The video clips have also caused tuna companies to make their tuna fishing “dolphin safe”.


The harrowing battle still continues to go on to try to save the dolphins Overall if people realize the greatness in this animal the killing will be stopped.


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