Do you want a great mountain with amazing skiing? Sugarbush is a terrific place with a lot to offer. For starters, the skiing is amazing. With different terrain for everyone there is no way anyone can get bored. Sugarbush is also known for their glades. One of the best trails on the mountain is a trail called slide brook. This trail is unique in many ways. It starts by going on the backside of the mountain on an old snowmobile trail and continues through rugged forests, great for expert skiers. Another great thing about Sugarbush is they are always trying to improve. Whenever the weather is right they’re blasting the snow guns. Finally, Sugarbush is placed in an ideal spot. It is just down the road from Mad River Glen and in a great town called Warren. The town has many things to keep you busy and entertained like good restaurants, pools and spas, and really awesome views. If all else fails Sugarbush has lots of events that are also a lot of fun. Where great skiing and a really fun time meet, visit Sugarbush.


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