The King


photo taken by mike

Last year the NBA championship was won by the Miami Heat. This year the Heat are doing great just like last year. They are first place in their division and conference. I believe that the Heat are going to make it to the championship again and face the Oklahoma City Thunder. LeBron James always gets criticized for not having as many rings as Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan and he deserves more rings. If LeBron plays his best basketball like he has been doing there is no reason the Heat won’t win the championship. Last years MVP award went to LeBron James and this year he is playing noticeably better. The NBA’s season is half over and the MVP trophy should just be given to LeBron because he is head and shoulders above everyone of the MVP candidates.

This season he has broken many records and opened many people’s eyes. He had 6 consecutive games with 30 plus points which is almost unheard of. James in those 6 games also, he became the 1st player in the history of the NBA to shoot at least 60% from the field and score at least 30 points. He has gotten much better from last year.  Compared to last year his field goal percentage, three-point percentage, number of rebounds, assists and blocks are all up. The only stat that went down is turnovers, so he doesn’t give the ball away as much.

I believe that LeBron James is the best player that ever played in the NBA. He is the definition of the “jack of all trades”. He can play any position on the court and play it well unlike any other player. This is because of his combination of speed, size, strength, and jumping ability. He can beat you outside on the 3 point line, he can beat you on the post up and mid range shots, and he can also beat you in the paint and fastbreak. There is no other player like him that ever played or ever will. LeBron will end his career with a statement made to his critics.

4 thoughts on “The King

  1. I agree with you that LeBron deserves the MVP the way that he is playing. He is so hard to contain. One thing I disagree with, is that he will be the greatest player ever. Michael Jordan had the same skill set, but was much more of a competitor than Lebron. But, as of right now, LeBron is the best player on the planet

  2. I strongly agree with you mike. After winning every award possible last year, nobody knew he could get better, and now nobody can stop him. I think that he is just as big a competitor as jordan, and jordan couldn’t play every position on the court. You could start lebron at center and he would still be the best.

  3. Mike I like your piece very much but I think he will be the best player in the NBA if he plays this way, and obviously he is the best player playing now. I think as of right now Jordan is the best player to play.

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