KG Must Stay

This season for the Boston Celtics is in the teams’ hands, but more precise would be to say in Kevin Garnett’s hands. Ever since Rajon Rondo has been out with an injury KG has stepped his game up. Rumor has it that KG will be traded to get a new power forward or center to keep the team alive. I will tell you right away, that it is not true.

If they trade the 15 time all star 25,000 point scorer and a world championship and olympic gold medal winner. Kevin Garnett over the years has also collected 10,000 rebounds, 5,000 assists, 1,500 blocks, and 1,500 steals. That is really good if you ask anyone that knows the sport of basketball. Garnett knows his team and players better than almost everyone else. When KG is not in the game the Celtics cannot hold the lead or the position they are in. So Kevin has to go out onto the court and give the team more confidence.

Rajon Rondo had a season ending injury of a ACL tear. Then a few days later rookie Jared Sullinger the best rookie on the Celtics got back ailment and Rondo and Sullinger are both out for the season with surgery. Kevin Garnett has made an effort to advance the team to the playoffs with a eight game winning streak. Other players contributed, but KG defending himself from the mean rumors has made it clear he makes a difference in the team. Ever since two main contributors to the team are out KG has had a great Field Goal percentage of 52.4% in the last ten games he had/has an average score of 17.7 points a game on offence. For defense he is contributing with a huge 10.2 rebounds per game.

Overall the Celtics are in 7th place in the Eastern division and slowly climbing higher. It would be a foolish decision for Doc Rivers(Head Coach) to trade KG to another team even though he is doing great.


2 thoughts on “KG Must Stay

  1. It is not a foolish decision. Kg is going to retire after next year, and he has not stepped up his game. The bench has stepped up. In a trade with the clippers, they would receive one of the best centers in the league, and the most explosive back up point guard in the game in Eric Bledsoe and Deandre Jordan.

  2. I also believe it is very foolish NOT to trade KG. Yes he used to be one of the best players in the league but now he is very old for a basketball player. KG will definitely retire after this or next season so it would be dumb not to trade him and get a better young player. The Celtics need a young guy that can take over games for many years and KG is not him. Doc Rivers should make a trade within the month if he is smart.

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