High Tide Good, Red Tide Bad

For many weeks now Florida’s situation with red tide is rising. This is mainly happening in the southwest region of the state.

On a recent trip to Florida, I noticed that the beaches were littered with dead fish and other marine life. This is called the Red Tide. Red Tide is the overpopulation of algae, when it overproduces it has lots of toxic waste which affects people, fish, and other marine animals. Fis and other marine life will die slowly. People could get itchy red eyes, throat and nose irritation.

This Red Tide can affect tourism with thousands of fish and dead animals being washed up on the shore line, foul odors and unpleasant sights of fish with no eyes being ripped apart by savage birds makes you want to leave. Clean up crew started to clear the beaches in the morning ,and by the end of the day the new dead fish crowded the beach again.

Naples, on the southwest coast of Florida is a town with a medium range of damage with the Red Tide. Just north of Naples, the problem of Red Tide was worse.


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