Gum Chewing: Prohibited or Allowed?

Gum has not been allowed in schools for an extremely long time. Lots of teachers have a different view on whether or not chewing gum in school should be allowed or prohibited. Some people think it’s noisy or distracting to other students, which is one main reason why it’s not allowed. Most of teachers’ time is on discipline issues, which includes chewing gum. Many teachers think it is a waste of their valuable time and that gum isn’t allowed in school. However, some teachers allow gum chewing unless it interferes with their teaching ability or the students’ ability to concentrate. Some teachers think as long as you’re quiet, it shouldn’t be a problem. And they’re right.

I read in a recent article that gum makes kids smarter. You’re probably thinking “how could that be”? As a fact I learned, chewing causes our hearts to pump more blood to our brain than it usually does. More blood helps your brain function better. The chewing also increases a better attention span for kids. I personally think chewing gum should be allowed in school, especially during tests or quizzes. It sooths your mind so you can learn more in school. The soothing of it is a main reason people with anxiety or distraction issues chew gum, because it helps them to be calmer and focus better. 

Gum should be allowed in schools as long as kids are respectful about it and don’t take advantage of the privilege. As long as you don’t stick gum under the table, chew loudly on purpose, or try and distract the person in front of you trying to learn, then it shouldn’t be an issue. The proven fact that it helps you to concentrate and makes you smarter should actually make teachers want to allow it and not want to ban it. Overall chewing gum in school should be allowed.


10 thoughts on “Gum Chewing: Prohibited or Allowed?

  1. Wow, this is a great argument. At first I was skeptical about this topic, but I never knew chewing gum could do so much. Nice work.

  2. You have a good argument, however, most teachers would think, in my opinion, that the bad things about gum chewing overcome the good things about it.

  3. Great piece of writing. It made it one million times better by having the part where the magazine said that gum actually improves learning. It gives it a a lot better credibility.

  4. i like it, sometimes when i go to school i just don’t like seeing gum under my desk and even my chair sometimes i am disgust to sit at my desk.

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