After the Super Bowl

The super bowl. An exciting event that brings most of America together. Almost more filling than Thanksgiving and more thrilling than a roller coaster. Although we only think of it as it happens, what about the day after. The sad or great day after to boast if your team won or not, like the day after Christmas to brag about the amazing gifts you got. It’s the aftermath of the super bowl. Spending all day preparing, praying and partying, is only the start. Before the season even starts you have hopes that the hometown team has made some good choices in the draft and they will be the team to beat this year. After the first few games everyone understands who are the good teams, bad teams and the Jets. Just making the playoffs is an achievement for some teams but who cares? The super bowl is the only acceptable place to stop. Your hometown team is in the dust, half the country against the other half, almost like a civil war dueled out by one football game. Being on time for work tomorrow is a joke, while you stay up later than when Call of Duty came out. After the super bowl you better be prepared to take or give a verbal beating. ”Ha, you wish the 49ers could get some points without turning the lights off”. Just one of the things you could hear after the super bowl. Then there is the people that can’t be made fun of because whoever wins is their favorite team. Until next week another team wins. Super bowls are once a year, make sure that one friend that rooted for the 49ers hears about it until next year.


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