Keep your lips baby smooth during the winter!

Chapped lips be gone!

Chapped lips be gone!

It’s that type of year again! Winter is the most driest season of all and one of the worst things about it is chapped lips. It’s a never ending cycle of dry, chapped, and painful lips. You can put on as much chapstick as you want, but because of the cold weather, they will continuously get chapped. The answer: a lip peeling remedy.

A DIY easy and simple way to keep your lips feeling soft and moisturized is by combining a tablespoon of brown sugar and honey. Brown sugar is a sugar crystal that will soften and exfoliate your lips. Adding honey to the brown sugar will allow the brown sugar to be spread and will plump your lips.

Some other helpful tips to keep your lips baby soft in the harsh weather is to not lick your lips! Believe it or not but licking your lips will make the chapped lips worse. The Saliva evaporates and causes the lips to become dehydrated.

Instead of using a colored, scented and waxy chapstick go for a lipbalm such a Burt’s Bee’s or use petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly can also be used for many other beauty secrets such as making eyelashes grow longer, helps sents stay longer, hides split ends and many more! Don’t let the cold winter weather get you down.


2 thoughts on “Keep your lips baby smooth during the winter!

  1. This was a nice article! I really think the tips will help people exercise basic care. Compiling all these tips for keeping your lips healthy is a really great idea.

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