Village Pizza

By: La Piazza Pizzeria

By: La Piazza Pizzeria

Craving great pizza, in the mood for fish and chips, maybe even some chicken fingers and french fries, then go to Village Pizza in Massachusetts. The owner is from Greece and has pictures of Greece all over his restaurant which make the place different than other pizza restaurants that have pictures of Italy everywhere. When you walk in you may think the place is a little rough around the edges but looks may be deceiving. The food there is amazing! The pizza is perfectly cooked every time, my mom says she loves the fish and chips it is nicely cooked (I’m not a fan of fish), and the chicken fingers and french fries are excellent.

Village Pizza is probably one of my favorite places to get pizza. When my mom and I go to pick up the pizza the minute they put the pizza in the box and I bring it in the car the scent of it just fills the car. I makes you want to open the box and eat it right then and there. There are so many different toppings to put on your pizza some are pepperoni, sausage, hamburg, pineapple and ham, extra cheese…etc…etc. The first time you take a bite of the pizza it is amazing. The crackle of the crust, the cheese stretching so far, the soft inside all into one little bite of pizza. My mom usually gets two medium pizzas one cheese pizza and another pizza with a bunch of different topping… there are maybe two slices left after dinner.

The chicken fingers and french fries at Village Pizza are golden brown and crispy. They are a really nice snack when you’re hungry in the middle of the day, but with my family there is rarely chicken, french fries, and pizza left over…EVER! There are different dipping sauces you can have, one is sweet n’ sour, another is barbeque, even honey mustard, and there are so many more. The french fries are perfectly salted and cooked to perfection. The best thing to eat with it would probably have to be ketchup.

Village pizza is amazing and it would have to be my favorite pizza restaurant. It is a change of scenery when you walk into the restaurant and it”s nice to see something different. The tables are set up by the windows with a small TV above the counter. Racks of chips and fridges full of sodas are around the room. The smell of delicious food hits you right when you walk in. Village Pizza is a great restaurant to get food to watch a sports game, when you have some friends over, or even if you’re in the mood for pizza.


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