The Pressure Is On

His body was electrified with power, stepping up to home plate was like walking through a crowd of one million people staring at you for no reason. He cursory glanced at the pitcher with determination to hit it out of the park. Standing there at home plate with the sweat slowly dripping down his face, waiting for his first pitch, he gave his teammates a terrified look. His rivals, dressed in their clad sleek uniforms that were black as the middle of the night, he saw things as if they were in slow motion. He felt dehydrated, excited, scared, and queasy from all of the mixed feelings running around in his head like a rollercoaster. His heart was pounding and was accelerating to the speed of one thousand miles per hour. He endeavored to make this hit his first and his last for the game for he was at bat for the first time of the season. The pitcher threw a curve ball at fifty miles per hour. The boy swung the bat as hard as he could. Not knowing if he had hit the ball of not. The crowd watched in silence as the ball flew through the air to the third base. Not seeing the ball, the third baseman let the ball fly right past his hand. The pitcher gave the third baseman a grimace look.

The boy was frozen with amazement and didn’t move. The crowd in the stands screamed at him to move his feet and run. The boy woke up from his amazement and ran for his life. As he was sprinting as fast as a train threw the first base, he simulated he was in space dogging the meteors and hoping to not get hit. The boy rounded the second base. On his way to third base his heart was pounding out of his chest and he could hardly breath. Huffing and puffing like a steamy factory at its highest inventory and action. He hit the third base and went to home. The ball was right behind him and he was about to succumb, he slid and hit the home plate like a car crash. When he got up he realized he was safe. He made it, only to have a small abrasion on his chin. He cheered with excitement and gingerly walked off the field filled with amazement. On the way home his parents surmised him and he was proud of what he had accomplished.


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