The Carnival Cruse

The sight from bird’s eye view of sunny Florida was amazing, getting out of the plain and stepping into the warmth was like bringing a delicate flower back to life. The warmth of sunny Miami and the tall green palm trees flowing in the breeze made me happy, calm and relaxed. We got our suitcases, and drove to the to the big wharf that led us to the cruise. Our excitement attracted us like the smell of a fresh cooked pie drifting through an open window on a bright sunny day, attracting people from the outside to come and enjoy it. We came around the corner to the sight of the mighty ship for the first time and we were amazed, drawn to it like little flies to a bright lantern.

Ounce my family and I got off the bus and went through the line to the boat, stepping through the doors on the boat was like going through a portal to a world of excitement and music. There were people all over walking and talking, screaming with happiness and laughter. My hart was pounding, just waiting to be free and sore throughout the ship and explore every hallway, doorway, and every deck. I ran down to my families bunker like a fast train with busy people on it, anxious to get to there individual places to be. Once we had gotten to the room, unpack like frantic animals scurrying around their habitat, my cruise had officially begun.


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