Drink Up

Everyone always says to drink enough water because it is good for you. But do you really know why?
Its true that water is definitely one of the most important thing that your body needs. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, and we flush out most of it so we need to get it back into our system. It is also in our blood which is needed for all of our organs keeping us alive. Most importantly our brain is 70% water, and obviously, we need that too.
When you are doing any type of physical activity and sweating you need to be hydrating your body with enough water. Your body is getting rid of the water heating up over-working muscles to keep you from passing out. Even though your body is pushing this water out of you by sweating, that means you still have to drink more than usual.
But also, water is major help to our appearance too. One very good thing about water is that it naturally gets rid of all the toxins in our body. The functions in the kidney use the water to cleanse our toxins.
Also, since it is flushing out all of your toxins it helps for a lot healthier looking skin. It helps to get rid of dry or acneic conditions affecting your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and looking beautiful because lets face it, who wants dull, peeling, and red skin when we can just resolve it by going over to the sink.
Next time you go to reach for that soda, think about all the benefits that water has over many sugary drinks and how you are one step closer to a healthy body.

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