Black Ops 2: DLC Season 1

Black Ops 2 has been out for about three months now and has taken gamers by a storm. After a long wait, the first of four downloadable content is to be released on January 29, 2013. This is to be called Revolution and for good reason. This DLC is to offer so 4 new multiplayer maps, a zombie map and a new zombies game mode, and for the first time in Call of Duty history, a new gun.

The multiplayer player maps are called Hydro, Grind, Downhill, and Mirage. What makes each of these maps so unique is there is a key feature to every map. In Hydro the map plays normally, at least until a gate opens up and water picks you up and throws you out of the map. This is going to be a very interesting feature because if it is placed at a major hot spot for kills it will factor how each team plays. It might encourage sniping so they don’t have to be wiped away in the stream of water. The next map, Grind, shows a cool new way to build a multiplayer map. Based in a skate park, there are not the usual “square” terrain you usually see. This map has has concave walls, jumps, and so many other interesting build up. This map is going to be a very fast paced map due to the lack of head glitching spots and no long lines of sight. Downhill is the first snow map in Black Ops 2. It is based at a ski resort where chairlifts come through. If you get hit by a lift you die. This is probably going to be the worst map because the snow environment hides enemies. Lastly, Mirage is based in a Chinese desert and palace. It has a sandstorm, which is unique because it has never been done in Call of Duty before. This map will probably be bad if you rush because of the long lines of sights. Also, Treyarch is putting a new gun in the game. The Peacekeeper is a SMG-assault rifle hybrid. It has a slow rate of fire and low damage but makes up for it with range and low recoil. I haven’t used it, but I bet it is going to be a very good addition to the game.

For the first time ever, you can be the zombie. In the new mode called Turned you attack the humans and if you successfully kill them you spawn in as the human. This is going to be fun if you’re playing with friends, but if you don’t mess around in this gamemode your not going to have a good time. Also, a new map called Die Rise is incorporated into the game. It is based in China where you play in run down buildings. This is the biggest map ever for zombies, meaning there is so much to explore. 

All in all, Treyarch has outdone itself with this amazing expansion pack. If the next three are up to par with this, the game will be amazing.


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