Water Wasted

Compared to other societies the average American wastes most of the water they use. Americans do not understand the amount of water they waste, while people in other countries are dying from lack of water. Some small changes in our daily lives could make all of this stop. Every day Americans use 180 gallons of water. (not including products and food) Most of which comes from flushing the toilet and showering. Now you can still take showers, that I understand, but thirty minute long ones that you just do for comfort? That is stepping out of line. the average shower uses 2 gallons per minute. By cutting that thirty minute shower in half it saves 30 gallons of water. While An adult needs 15 liters a day or 3.96 gallons To survive, That leaves the other 177 gallons to watering our lawns, doing dishes, showering and using the toilet. Now your 15 minute shower feels like a lot doesn’t it . Now when you are taking that shower you might think, Do americans have the right to use enough water a day to help 40 or 50 people live. When there are hundreds of people in countries around the globe dying from lack of water. From a certain perspective It is almost unhuman the extreme inequality at play here. By just taking shorter showers, using more efficient toilets and watering our lawns less, America could save millions of gallons of water every day. Saving water for more useful things could mean that we could help people around the globe with water problems, and it could just happen to save you a little money too.

While Americans waste most of the water we use, there is still a way we can save water, for people dying around the globe, with just a few changes to our daily lives


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