Wrestling: A Tough Sport


Photo Credit: emdot

In sixth grade, when I was prompted to choose a team for winter sports, I decided that since middle school is a time of trying new things, I should try out wrestling. A number of people at my school thought the idea was absurd because I was a scrawny kid, and did not have much strength. I tried to explain to them that I was in it for the mental challenge rather than to adopt it as my kind of sport, but they still thought the idea of me on the wrestling mat was crazy.

I did not see how much of a challenge it would be to tussle with other kids on the ground until I was staring it in its face. in the beginning of every practice, we would run laps around the mat. Then, we would learn some moves and hurt each other with them. Sometimes, we did piggyback races and dodgeball in the wrestling room. We concluded this with ten each of four types of pushups. I got beat up, but got right back up. Although I did not win any matches, I still value the experience.

During each and every one of the meets, I would be there to win. After each of them, I would come out defeated. I was always nervously excited before every match, and fierce during it. After each match, I was disappointed with my loss, but wanted to work hard to win the next one.

In hindsight, I feel very proud of myself for trying wrestling. I was such a skinny and weak kid that no one would have ever expected me to wrestle.


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