What Has Our World Come To?

Over the years, our society has taken a turn for the worse. Riots in our hometowns were we grew up in, young parents trying to sell their children in front of public places and  mob IMG_0902robberies are all occurring in our everyday life. Things need to change for the better.

On Friday July 13, 2012, a riot occur on the streets of downtown Los Angeles near Pershing Square. This occurred because twelve people in the past 6 weeks were arrested for writing on the side walks with children’s chalk. Seventeen people were arrested and four officers were injured during this riot. One officer had a minor concussion from a water bottle being thrown and the others suffered minor injuries. After this injuries happened, the media was ordered to stay at least 40 feet away from the riot. After the police repeatedly told the crowd to go home, they still refused causing the police to shoot rubber bullets and bean bags at the crowd. This got their attention, but they weren’t done. In the fall for two months, 500 men, women and children, set up a campsite outside City Hall before getting escorted by 1,400 police officers to get off the premises. Why is society like this?

In Vancouver, Washington, a 36 year old women tried to sell her three day old baby in front of a local Taco Bell. She was trying to get at least $500 to $5000 for her baby. This baby was one of six children the women gave birth to. She had no shelter and the father was paying her hotel bills. The women was caught by police after the women she tried selling the baby to, called 911. The police thought she was high or drunk when she was arrested. She was sent to jail.

When you think of mobs, you probably think a male was involved. In this case it was teenage girls who mobbed a family. This occurred at Folwell Park when a 15 year old and a 4 year old girl were attacked by a mob of teenage girls. The girls thought that the 4 year old stole their sunglasses and wouldn’t let them leave the park until they found the sunglasses. The 15 year old grabbed her phone and called her mother, who was 3 blocks away. When the mother got there the 4 year was missing and the 15 year old was suffering from a burst vein and many bruises. The mother called the police and while on the phone she was beaten up and was then given her daughter back. The 4 year old suffered head injuries. The mother said it was all because of something that could be replaced.

There are many more stories about what our society has come to. All we need to do to help stop all this craziness, is to help emotionally weak people with their problems.


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