Waking Up

Beautiful beaches, succulent sand, curling clouds…WHAP. It hits like a bullet to the head. The sound alarms you like jumping into frigid cold waters. You know you have to get up, yet the magnetism pulls you right back into bed. It’s the worse part of the day, waking up. Sleeping on a soft warm cloud all night is great, but also addicting. Each time the alarm clock rings you want more and more sleep. Thats why there is a snooze button, but thats only a death trap. The second you hit that button, you’re automatically late. Taking off the blankets to encounter how cold it really is that day is one of the worst things in the morning. So you’re half-human, half-zombie bodie drags into the shower where the warm water actually gives you a glimmer of hope that today will be all right. Soon that glimmer is destroyed by strangling yourself with a tie, then trying to put on pants that don’t fit. Finally when everything has come together and you’re halfway to your destination, you forgot something. Not the unimportant book you didn’t need today, you’ve got that. But, the most important book that you have sticky notes and reminders all over the house so you don’t forget it, and yet you still manage to forget it; the book for todays open book test in English.


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