Science Class 2.0

If I would want a course to be offered that is not currently being offered, it would be engineering. I like to think about various practical scientific ideas that could help our modern world one bit at a time.
The course would go through steps of engineering, and students would have time to think about improvements to items in everyday life. Some of my ideas include a more solar energy in items that use energy and improved keyboards with the maximum amount of satisfaction of pressing a key. Maybe there could be a shape of solar panels that is more effective than a flat surface. Maybe there could be things similar to Star Trek in the future; for example the transporters. It would be a very interactive class, where everyone shares their ideas, and after a few weeks, everyone would start a big project to research how their idea could be made in real life. If someone got stuck, others would help them come up with their own idea. The teacher would teach little, and the students would get very involved. I believe this type of course would be beneficial to today’s modern world, where everything is changing rapidly around us. Who would have thought that internet would have existed fifty years ago? Who would have thought that smartphones were possible ten years ago? Imagine we are in the past, only with smartphones and internet replaced by 3D printers and gel refrigerators. These items might not be so weird to us in fifty years.

Students who take this course could revolutionize the way we live!


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