Romeo’s Pizza


photo credits: rob_rob2001

Before my brother’s hockey game in Maine this weekend, we met my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins at a restaurant called Romeo’s in Yarmouth. It is basically a pizza and sub shop. We ordered a variety of items including pizza, sandwiches, and salads. My aunt and uncle said these were her favorite steak sandwiches in the area. My brother ordered one and thought it was so good he wanted another one. My cousins and I ate pizza which was very good, they had a lot of cheese on it and that’s exactly how I like it. My grandmother was delighted with her BLT sandwich which had a bunch of bacon. My mother enjoyed a house salad that was quite good.

Romeo’s is in the process of renovating the restaurant. I am unsure of what it looked like prior to our visit. The seating area was filled with booths and table arrangement. When we were departing, I was a little surprised to see Mr. Zifcak entering the restaurant. We said a quick hello then off to the hockey rink.


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