One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Photo Credit: Nemo

Photo Credit: Nemo

Unwanted.  Another word that makes me feel uncomfortable on the inside.  I feel that it is much more satisfying to blog about something positive.  The word of the week has been negative two times in a row. This has led me to the decision of challenging myself to make a negative word positive.  How is this possible?  With the help of the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

You guessed it!  I will twist the word unwanted, into the more positive word, recycling.  Though something may be unwanted, it could still mean something to someone else.  Why throw away those old baby toys in the basement, when you could give them away to someone who just had a baby.   Recycle those used water bottles and papers, rather than sending them off to help fill up a landfill.  What’s the point in that if you could simply have it be recreated into new material?

Another method of recycling is to reuse old “trash” for something else.  A closet in my house is filled with odds and ends that would had ended up in the trash, like paper towel rolls, spare buttons, shells, and just generally reusable stuff.  My sister loves to modify old film containers to become shakable instruments, or change a piece of egg container into an animal. It doesn’t even have to be too elaborate; all it takes is junk and your imagination.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling.  It is an important part of our lives to make nothing, even if it is unwanted, go to waste.


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