The Rave Over Mid Calf Socks

For a while now, some boys have been obsessing over this one type of sock:  The Nike Elite, Jordan, and the Adidas climalite mid-calf socks. Many may say they are just a normal pair of socks. Many say they are not even close to being worth the price at 15 dollars for one pair,  while someone could buy a pack of six socks for the same price or even less than that. I am one of the people that rave over the socks and wear them all day everyday. They are not just for the looks as many people may.

The socks of the three brands Nike, Adidas, and Jordan come in many different colors from pink, lime green, orange and any color you could think of. At almost every sporting goods store you will see them and most of the time they have a limited supply. They are so popular that when a new color comes out some will be sold out within a couple of hours online. The socks are also the most comfortable pair of socks that I have ever worn or owned. All of the socks have extra cushioning in the heel and around the toe. I started buying the socks in sixth grade when they had only two colors. I have been getting them ever since then and now I am up to 45 pairs and counting. Every time I go on the internet I look to see what socks I want to get next because there is always a new and different color sock out there. I had too many pairs that they did not even fit in my sock drawer so I was forced to move them all. The socks are mainly worn by basketball players. If you are at a basketball tournament mostly every kid in the gym will have some type of Jordan, Nike, or Adidas mid-calf on. The reason is they are comfortable and there is a pair to match almost every team color.

I would recommend these socks to any one girls, boys, men, and women because, they have colors to suit every personality and all the favorite colors. If you decide to purchase these socks I can assure you that you will be more than happy with your decision. Although, they are a little pricy every dollar spent on them is worth it. I love every pair of them and rarely I will not wear a pair of them. So next time you’re out shopping at the mall take a look in the shoe stores and consider buying yourself a pair.


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