Driving into Foxboro, you could hear the excitement. The parking lot was packed. There were so many people tailgating. The fans were grilling all kinds of food and drinking and listening to the 49ers and Falcon’s game on the radio and routing for the team they would like the Patriots to play in the Super Bowl. Everybody was happy and full of hope.

The first quarter was okay. By the end of the 2nd quarter fans were all saying the Patriots got to wake up and play a lot better if we are to win. The New England fans are used to the Patriots turning a losing game into a winner in the 4th quarter. The crowd was still cheering lots in the 3rd quarter. As the 4th quarter started the crowd got quieter. The Pats couldn’t get the first down and slowly some fans started to leave in the beginning of the 4th quarter. We could tell the Patriots were not playing well and didn’t have much of a shot of winning.  We watched until the end. It was a very disappointing game. It was like last years Super Bowl. Walking out of the stadium was nothing like walking into it. Nobody was talking. Everybody was rushing to their cars to go home. What a bummer! I can’t believe the score, 28 to 13! We were favored to win. What happened?  At least we have hockey to look forward to and the Bruins started out with a nice win.


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