Mia Hamm: A Legendary Soccer Player

Mia Hamm was once an amazing soccer player. She retired after playing for the Women’s United States National Soccer Team in 2004.

Mia HammPhoto Credits: join1goal

Mia Hamm
Photo Credits: join1goal

Mia was the youngest girl to join the women’s team at age fifteen. She had scored the most goals ever in history of men and women’s soccer with hundred fifty-eight goals. When Mia’s team had won the FIFA World Cup she again, was the youngest women to be on a team in FIFA World Cup at age nineteen. Mia was even an olympic athlete! Her team had made it to the olympic championships and came out with the gold in 1996 and 2004. Also, that wasn’t the only championships she had, in college she brought her University Of North Carolina women’s soccer team to the NCAA women’s championship four times.

Mia Hamm was a known and acknowledged player. She had billions and billions of fans. Nobody wanted her to retire, so many people loved watching her play. Now eight years later when I am loving soccer and want to be like her I am one of her fans. I love hearing and reading her inspirational quotes. One of my favorites is: “Failure happens all the time. It happens everyday in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.”-Mia Hamm. Besides all her fans and gold medals she has won player awards. Mia was voted USA’s Soccer female athlete five years in a row. Also, MVP of the Women’s Cup in 1995.

Mia Hamm has won so many great things, and is a terrific person. If you think no big deal, well you should think again. It is so hard to become the best known soccer player ever. 


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