Hockey Concussions

Thirteen years of my life have been spent dangerously. You see, I have been a hockey player ever since I could put ice skates on. Ice-skating is in my family so it is only natural that I would, too. It doesn’t sound dangerous, right? Well, that is where you are wrong.

Currently, there has been much recherché geared towards the negative effects of concussions. I know for a fact that hockey is a sport where it is likely for players to get concussions. I personally, have already experienced eight concussions. That is crazy and something I must be aware of. Statistically, I have a concussion every two years.

Although I go to the doctor after every injury, the future effects are uncertain. After a concussion, I have to stay awake for a long period of  time and also it is not a good idea to focus on anything for too long. Even thought I follow these directions, one never knows.

Recently, several athletes have had negative side effects due to concussions. The more I see what happens to them, the more I become aware of my own situation. I follow my doctor’s orders and always wear a helmet. Some may say this is not enough. The more doctors find out about concussions, the scarier they become. Schools have also taken steps to ward off concussions. They conduct screenings to be sure that no athlete plays a sport if there is a hint of a concussion.


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