Pretty Little Liars: Read This If You Dare

Aria and Hanna
Photo Credits: DivAGFX

One of my favorite TV shows is Pretty Little Liars (PLL). PLL is a show about four teenage girl best friends, Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily who are taunted by “A” after Ali’s, the one girl that held them together’s, death. In the show, the so called “mission” of the four girls is to find out who A is (along with who is part of the “A” Team). They want to stop “The A Team” from sending them nasty and threatening texts and also to stop them from harming them and their loved ones. PLL is one of my favorite TV shows because it is filled with social drama but also has a somewhat scary twist to it. This twist always makes me want to keep on watching episode after episode because of the suspense and many questions of mine about the show that I want answered.

I think what makes this show entertaining is the mysteries, the exciting story line, and the couples in the show. The mysteries such as who is “A”, or who killed Ali are the best part, and they keep a scary yet action filled part to the story. The exciting story that has so far been developed is such a good reason as to why I watch the show. From the settings, to the acting, the show always has that “on the edge of your seat” vibe to it that keeps its mysteries going to bring in more viewers to watch the show. The couples in the show are very entertaining, and each one has its up and downs. These couples have continuously created a drama filled part to the show and along with that have involved themselves highly in the mystery part of the show too.

This is one of my favorite TV shows that I always look forward to watching weekly on Tuesday nights. My advice is if you like drama filled teenage girl mysteries, you should definitely pop your bowl of popcorn and tune into ABC Family on Tuesday nights at 8PM eastern and watch PLL. Although you may be slightly confused at first, you won’t regret it. You better watch out though, watch the show once and never again….well at least I wouldn’t try that if I were you…



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