No Carb, No Way

Just look at her!

You have been blessed you with a healthy body, and it’s your responsibility to take care of it. There are many different gimmicks and diets you can try but in reality you just have to go back to the basics. Of course, eating right and getting the right amount of nutrients from the healthy food you eat is an essential.

Although there are so many diets saying how carbs are like the devil, in reality, they are one of the key elements for losing weight. Complex carbs help to give you energy to get a power-packed workout in even at the end of the day. This happens because carbs also give you glucose (sugars) to give you lasting energy. With low-carb diets, your brain tell your body when you are working out to stop and conserve energy because you’re not consuming enough of it from you food.

Also, these kind of diets trick you into thinking you are losing weight from fat when in reality, you’re not. What happens is when your body stops taking in all the good and bad carbs, it immediately starts to lose all of you water weight since there are 3 grams of water in every carb. All of the water that you lose is actually vitally needed for normal body function, so eventually you can only restrict your carbohydrates for a short amount of time without becoming unhealthy.

Finally, carbs are actually needed in your body to lose weight from fat efficiently and effectively. If you don’t have enough of healthy sugars coming into your body it will start to turn to fat to burn other healthy parts for fuel.

All in all, looking at what they actually do to benefit your body, carbs are vital to your everyday health. It will leave you more energized, happy, and the ability to find your better body.


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