Harbaugh brothers unite in superbowl

There has been a lot of talk about how the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens shouldn’t have made it to the superbowl. But they have proved all odds wrong and now for the first time in sports history Jim and John Harbaugh will be the first two coaches in any professional sport to ever compete in the championship game as brothers.

Both teams were not supposed to make it to the playoffs and some thought that neither would even make it out of the first round. but yet these two great coaches have brought there teams to the finals. Besides the two brothers being in the superbowl together there are many other great storys to this championship game like hall of famer Ray Lewis, this will be his last season and he has been the face of the Baltimore Ravens organization since they joined the league. The ravens team wants to win the superbowl for all the great leadership Ray has given the team. On the other hand the 49ers also are very similar and claim the the team is Patrick Willis’s and will try to get the superbowl for there 2007 first round draft pick and future hall of famer also. Willis states that “this is everyone on the teams team” and will try to lead his team to victory this upcoming February.

This will defiantly be a very fun and exciting superbowl. Personally i think that with Collin Kaepernicks speed and the motivation the 49ers defense has with Patrick Willis they will get the win in New Orleans. 35-10 49ers. This should be a great superbowl and I am very excited to watch.


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