Football Parties

WOO-HOO! The house shakes, snow falls off roof tops and car alarms go off. The sound of a great football party can be heard for miles. Yet, some might not know the proper etiquette  of football parties. Could it be you? Rule number one, dress appropriately. A suit and tie will rip with the violent jumping off the couch. Also don’t be the one to wear home team rivals shirt. Thats the quickest and most effective way to lose friends, be hated and become the village idiot. Rule number two, if bringing food, bring something edible. Anything vegetable or healthy doesn’t belong inside a country mile of a football party. Secondly, don’t bring something like offal or some type of food no ones ever heard of, it won’t just get people grossed out, but also wondering, do you even know what football is? Instead bring some hearty wings, huge bag of chips or impress them with a massive meat lovers pizza. Final rule, know when to cheer and make sure you’re cheering for the right team. Don’t be cheering for the jets when everyone else is a patriots fan. Or sit up and yell “home run’’ on fourth and seven. These aren’t the only rules (as football parties can get very articulate) but you’ll still be known as the number one fan.


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