What Happened to all the Twinkies!?!

Photo credit:  Lee Saborío Lee Saborío

Photo credit: Lee Saborío
Lee Saborío

So you go into the grocery store, just looking for some milk, when a thought passes through your head: I could really go for a Twinkie right now! You have been exceptionally good at sticking to your diet lately, so what’s the harm in one little Twinkie right? But as you walk down the snack aisle, you can not find any Twinkies! OH GOSH! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR BELOVED TWINKIES!

I’ll tell you what happened, Hostess went out of business! So you better stock up on of those wonderfully delicious baked goods that Hostess makes, or should I say made.

First off, do not fear that you will never see a Twinkies again! For companies are buying the Hostess brands, and they will continue to supply us with Twinkies and ho hos even while Hostess is in bankruptcy, and Hostess company officials are very optimistic that they will get through it.

So who is to blame for Hostess going out of business? 

Well, the story behind the Hostess filing bankruptcy is that they were losing money. So they proposed to their two unions some pay cuts, one agreed and the other didn’t. The Union who didn’t agree went on strike. They continued to strike even after Hostess told them that they would soon have to file for bankruptcy. Hostess didn’t lie, and soon after, they went bankrupt, forcing over 18,000 people to lose their jobs.

But Hostess has been bankrupt before and they pulled through it, hopefully they can do it again.


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