Use Less – Clean World at Last


8334443952_245b0fe930_bThe Boston Globe is one of the most influential news and advertising corporation’s in New England. Clean energy is one of the biggest topics in the presidential campaign and even the world. We need to find a way to promote clean energy in today’s world. Let’s face it, because of the over usage of non – renewable resources, our species will eventually become extinct. Fortunately, there are ways that we can expand our lifetime to the full potential. But we need to spread the word. There is no better way to accomplish this, than with a newspaper that millions of people in New England read everyday.

I feel that we should use the Boston Globe’s power for improving our air, oceans, forests, and cities. We should include ad’s in the “ Globe “ that show ways to cut down on gas, electricity, and water. We should demonstrate little things people can do everyday. Car company’s can show ad’s for consuming less gas. Ford, Honda, and Chevy  can influence people to buy Hybrid’s.

If we do not endeavor towards using these strategies, our world will crumble before us like the Twin Towers. We will suffer from lack of resources like a fish dying on a beach. We need to come together and act as a global community.


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