The Texting problem

Every day I go to school and sit down to do my work or study for a test. As I watch my friends and classmates come in they are always texting or doing something on their phone. Every moment that they have free that is not school they are on their phones. The point is that people have become addicted to texting to each other. Also it has been proven that young people texting will get bad arthritis. That is the part the young generation does not see. The other bad part is that if you text it softens your brain looking at the screen every day for hours. It is just plain insane for someone to have that kind of an obsession! So I plead to you, before you text think about how it may hurt you later on. Instead of texting, shut your phone off for an hour and read.


3 thoughts on “The Texting problem

  1. I do believe that texting causes arthritis, BUT I don’t think it is physically possible for a cellular phone to soften your brain (yes, I do get what you mean). Great post though- I think I should cut down on phone time to :\

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