Contacts vs. Glasses

Photo credit: geoffoldred

Photo credit: geoffoldred

Today, we will answer the age-old question (since 1948) which is better, contact lenses or glasses!

Not many people think this is a big deal, but if you are one of the millions like me, who are as blind as a bat without glasses, this is a huge part of our lives.

But to fully understand the universe behind contact lenses, we must take a look at their history.

The idea for contact lenses was thought up by Leonardo Da Vinci (who else would think of sticking pieces of glass in your eyes?)

The first physical model was made about 300 years later. They were basically glass bowls that completely covered your eye. As you might have guessed, they didn’t necessarily become the latest trend.

The next milestone in the world of contact lenses was when William Feinbloom combined glass and plastic to make a lighter type of contact lenses, which were a vast improvement to thick chunks of glass on your eye.

And finally in 1959, two Czech chemists named Otto Wichterle and Drahoslav Lim created the contacts that we know and love today.

Similarly, to understand glasses, we must delve into their history also.

No one really knows who invented glasses, but we think they were thought of during 1268 through 1289 AD.

We do know for a fact that the earliest ones were made of quartz often set in a bone frame. Talk about being as solid as a rock! (Please excuse the bad pun.)

And we all have heard the story of how Benjamin Franklin created spectacles. He cut his reading and distance glasses in half and smelted them together so he wouldn’t have to keep switching pairs of glasses. What people will do to avoid getting up!

So, which is better? 

Safety first! Contacts are probably more safe than glasses. Mostly because glasses can get smashed into your eye, which makes for a very unpleasant day.

Next is comfort. I personally feel that glasses are more comfortable than contacts because they just rest easily on your nose, while contacts you can actually feel every time you blink. But keep in mind, contacts are a fairly recent invention compared to glasses.

And finally, here is just a list of random stuff I think are issues on both. Contacts can make your eyes tired. You can lose glasses. You have to buy contacts in bulk, so when you run out, you’re out of luck. Glasses can poke your eyes.

I actually use both contacts and glasses, but all in all, I prefer glasses. Probably becuase of the fact that I don’t enjoy putting stuff in my eyes.


3 thoughts on “Contacts vs. Glasses

  1. Coincidentally, I am going to the eye doctor tomorrow because I ran out of contacts! There will likely be new glasses in order as well. Quite the timely post. Personally, I prefer contacts because I see better out of them. Glasses tend to give me a headache, especially when they are too small. But I do like that glasses are now chic – although I think it’s crazy that some people wear them to look cool even when they don’t need them!

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