Down by the Bay

Photo Credit: Steve Simonsen

Photo Credit: Steve Simonsen

Have you ever imagined being in warm ocean water, at the darkest hours of the night, while the ocean sparkles around you? Its no dream, its a bioluminescent bay. Eight miles off of Puerto Rico is an island called Vieques. On Vieques is one of the best bioluminescent bays in the world. In the bay there are microscopic creatures (flagellates) that respond to touch by lighting up. With millions of these turquoise christmas lights, it feels magical. Kayaking in a lagoon in the middle of tropical paradise is amazing. Like seeing a deer in the middle of a forest. After kayaking to the middle of the protected lagoon, we were encouraged to jump into the waters. Unforgettable experience. Warmth enwrapping your body as it slides into the lukewarm waters. Small waves bouncing up and down showing different views of the sliver of a moon. Lifting your arm felt like picking up millions of diamonds. Sliding down your arm with a tingling feeling, one could not describe. Since we have been there, two shark attacks have occurred. We were one of the last people to have gone swimming there, which just brings more to the experience. With waters like that, who could resist?


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