Gio’s Game Reviews #1: The Walking Dead

Based on the widely popular TV show and graphic novel, The Walking Dead game has emerged as one of the most popular and most downloaded games of the year. It is split into five episodes, or parts, of the game. The outcome of the game is affected by the decisions you make, so if your friend chooses differently, your outcomes differ. It is really fun to talk to your friends that have played the game, and discovering something new about it.

Photo Credit: Russ Berlingame

Photo Credit: Russ Berlingame

You start off the game as Lee, a convict who is driving in a police car. Then out of nowhere, your car crashes and you pass out. After this you discover that zombies have started to walk the earth. From this point on you have to survive and try to live, encountering people, places and zombies on the way.

Overall The Walking Dead game is one of the best games of the year. It has a great storyline, full of suspense and surprise. If you are into games that are full of action and horror, this is the game for you. Get this game!


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