Celtics Rout Pacers

On January 4, 2013 the Boston Celtics defeated the Indiana Pacers. The Boston Celtics coming into this game on a 14-17 record and a 4 game losing streak, but Boston is one of the toughest places to play because the Celtics home crowd is what many would say the best fans in the league. The Indiana Pacers coming into this game with a 19-13 record and a 2 game win streak, so as you can see the Pacers are on a roll, but the game is in Boston so its 50-50 who will win.

The first quarter was a low scoring one and ended with the score being 16-15 Pacers winning. Although both teams had a poor first quarter the Celtics were the only ones to bounce back scoring 32 points and holding Indiana under 20 points again in the second quarter. At halftime the Pacers coach Frank Vogel really trying to get the team’s spirits up, they would need it being down 47-35 a 12 point deficit going into the third quarter. The Celtics come out strong in the third quarter outscoring the Pacers 22-16. Celtics feeling comfortable moving on to the fourth quarter with the score 69-51. The good feeling would not stay despite having a large lead in the fourth, because future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett was ejected for a flagrant foul.

The Celtics were able to pull it off without KG in the fourth, winning in style 94-75 showing the younger teams in the NBA that the older veterans of the Boston Celtics can still get the job done.


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