Best Burger in the Country – Five Guys

I just couldn’t Imagebelieve food could taste that good, it was to good to be true. If you like burgers, fries and everything inbetween. If you like soda. If you don’t want a long wait. If you are looking for food for the whole family. If you want a cool atmosphere. If you like funny and cool employees you can trust to make the best burger you’ve ever had. Then Five Guys is the place for you!!

As I get out of my car, thinking I could eat a horse and my stomach screaming at me saying “ Tell my family I love them.” , me and my friends search the plaza for the burger place we’ve heard of way too much. FIVE GUYS BURGER AND FRIES!!!! As I stepped foot in Five Guys, I started to drool of amazement. On the walls hang pictures of juicy patties, and Five Guys legendary fries, backed by the glossy red, and piercing white walls. The tall red and white striped seats, and the mini tables with cup holders, made it seem like I was in the future. For a minute, I thought I was Luke Skywalker in a Star Wars movie. I was astonished by the atmosphere of the restaurant.  Wonderful reviews hang on the walls. Boston Magazine calls it “ Best bang for your buck” and Washingtonian regards five guys as the “ Best burger in the nation”. All of these reviews played a key role in the fame and production of Five Guys.Five Guys was started in 1986 in Arlington County, Virginia, by Jane and Jerry Murrell. A middle class family, avid in engineering and race car driving, they wanted to jump start their lives and careers. By 2005 Five Guys was earning 1 million dollars everyday. For the Murrell family, Five Guys was the answer.

Now let’s talk about the interesting part, the part you came to this article to hear about – the food.  Let’s start with the burgers. On the ordering counter you will see a menu of all the different kinds of burgers. First is the normal hamburger ( $3.99 ). You have a choice of ordering it rare, medium rare, medium, or well. I prefer medium, just because I think it goes well with all the different things you might put on it. Next is the classic cheese ( also $3.99 ), the bacon – $3.99 – and the bacon and cheese – $4.99. The turkey and veggie burger are also an option, never tried them myself but I hear they are descent – both are $3.99. When you get your burger it’s possible that little bits and pieces of it can be missing, making  the burger extra small. So look out for that when opening, and be sure to ask for a free refund, if possible. There are different sizes to choose from. The little, the big, and the medium.. The little is very small and is better for the little ones. The medium is basically, well, the medium. And the big is, well, huge!! All three of them you can order with all the toppings. And that brings me to my next point of discussion.  To make a burger excellent you need to have that something special. That thing that makes the burger that much more drool worthy. TOPPINGS!!!! Five Guys has a huge variety of toppings. Mayo, lettuce, pickles, dill pickles, grilled onions, ketchup, relish, mustard, steak sauce, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, grilled hot peppers, hot sauce, and –  Whew let me catch my breath, so basically enough to stuff an army. The peppers, pickles, and lettuce don’t always seem the freshest. I have seen some of them come out of a box so I usually try to avoid those toppings. But the best part is, there free!! Let’s get on to the hot dog’s.  You have a choice of the regular dog, the cheese, the chili cheese, and the bacon – all $4.99. Free toppings are unavailable for the hot dogs, but you can still get them just not for free. They can be very messy especially the chili cheese, and the workers don’t pack it well. So just look out for that when opening the bag. All in all these dogs are to die for, so stop by!!

One of the biggest things Five Guys is known for is definitely their fries. These fries aren’t just special because they taste good. These fries are directly imported from Idaho, so they don’t taste like your normal fries. They have that less salty but a better tasting fry. It is stuffed with juicy, mouth watering potatoes, that come with Five Guys barbeque sauce, which makes your mouth burn like heck, but makes your taste buds soak in the flavor.  They are exquisite, especially when dipped in Five Guy’s signature Hot Sauce.  If you are a spice lover you will order ten more of these, until you are stuffed up to your ribs. The selections are either Five Guy’s signature or spicy – both $3.99. I prefer both. But if I had to choose one, I would go with the spicy fries. When dipped in hot sauce, they are the spice kingdom.

All three ( separate ) – $4.99. The food here will change your mind about any other place. Once you taste the food, and look at the price, you will never regret it.

Five Guys has over 2,000 restaurants all over the nation. If you live in Worcester,  I would recommend the Five Guy’s on the 7 Boston Turnpike in Shrewsbury.

Based on simple calculations, Five Guy’s should be more popular and a more developed business than Mcdonalds in 2015. Its a great place for family, fun, and great bite to eat.


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