Ski Time: Watch out for Avalanches!

It is that time of the year again, when we get our gear and hit the slopes. The danger of backcountry skiing is avalanches. The reason that I am worried for you is because avalanches have a speed of 300 feet per second, that is the length of a football field! I want you to know the signs of an avalanche, be safe and use the right equipment, so that tragedies will not occur.

When there is an avalanche there are a few warning signs that Mother Nature gives us like, a change of climate, strong wind and or fresh snow. Be careful of steep slopes too because it makes snow a lot easer to collapse. When an avalanche occurs, you can get sucked under the snow and while you are under there, it is easy to suffocate. Did you know that seventy-five percent of deaths are from suffocation and twenty-four percent are from trauma? To avoid these life-threatening situations keep safe with some of these tools. A beacon can be very important thing to have with you. If there is an avalanche you can find people under the snow and people can save your life too. Beacon can tell you were someone is, if you cannot reach them you are going to have to dig them out. So there is a simple solution for that, a shovel. There is only one thing that can prevent getting sucked under the avalanche. The famous North Face Avalanche Air Bag Pack. A North Face Avalanche Air Bag Pack helps the air bags in the back will have you be on top of the avalanche instead on being under.

So classmates I hope you take my advice and take the safe path for skiing, as you head to the slopes. If backcountry is your thing, pack some extra batteries for that beacon. Have a great time on the ski slopes!


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