Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is the perfect mountain to make an adventure. Fresh tracks will never be difficult to find. These mountains combine to make the perfect place to have a difficult challenge. Whistler Blackcomb are two separate mountains made famous together.

Whistler is a beautiful mountain that stretches for as long as the eye can see. If you would like a difficult challenge then go on the Peak Express. On your ride up you can see what you dealing with on this mountain. The large open area of the Whistler Bowl will take your breath away. Behind you is the rest of the mountain this ride is a sightseeing trip. But you have to hurry because in this section of the trails visibility is very low and the ski patrol will shut the chairlift going up, down. The black diamonds here are very difficult, but if you like fresh tracks these are the trails to go on. On the other parts of the mountain are very exciting, but this excitement is sometimes quickly ended by slow zones and family zones. It is very difficult to get to the villages without going through these slow zones.

Blackcomb is smaller than Whistler, but is a lot steeper and even more difficult. The perfect home for intense skiers is 7th Heaven. This area has many difficult trials, Lakeside Bowl is far off to the side so it always has fresh tracks. Almost all the way down is a blackdiamond to follow until you get to 7th Heaven Express. This mountain has lots of difficult trials to experience such as groomed trails, moggle trails, bowls, and even just sight seeing trails. To get to 7th Heaven area you get a unique  experience on a T-Bar. 7th Heaven area also is frequently closed because of the bombs and avalanche control.

Whistler Blackcomb are my favorite mountains I have ever been to in my life. This is a place that if you want snow, then you will get it.   Each night it will snow an inch or two so fresh powder is nothing to worry about. Another breathtaking sight is Peak 2 Peak gondola. It is a record breaking gondola that stretches from Whistler peak to Blackcomb peak. They can boast the longest unsupported lift span of 1.88 miles the longest in the world and it also takes the record for the highest lift of its kind at 1,427 feet high in the air. So not only is Whistler Blackcomb a perfect place to have an adventure it also has its wonderful sightseeing views.


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