Saddleback Mountain

Winter brings lots of things to enjoy, snow, sledding, and of course skiing. Although “out West” in the United states is some of the best skiing in the world, New England has quite a few resorts itself. Some stand out more than others, such as Killington, which holds the dew tour every year. Sunday River also being a popular destination for tourists. Yet, most of the time the crowds make it impossible to enjoy the slopes. Up in Rangeley ME is a mountain called Saddleback, an incredible resort with absolutely no lifts line and amazing skiing. Everyday I was there it was a winter wonderland, snowing constantly and the temperature never went above or below twenty-one degrees. Saddleback also brings the expert skier out of the soul, while bringing fear too. There is only a double chairlift to the summit and still a working T-bar. Although riding the chairlift is scary it is also fun to feel the rush and know that every run will be amazing. At different parts of the mountain there are “warming stations” because of fierce winds at four thousand feet plus in the sky. Whenever the wind get too much, it’s easy to jump right into Saddlebacks many woods trails, which will protect you from the wind. If you like crowds and restaurants go to Sunday River, but if you want a skiers paradise of no lines, great weather and fantastic skiing, go to Saddleback.


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