Considering a Dog?


photo credit to: huntingschool

In my opinion, dogs are the best kind of pet you could own. However, there are so many pros and cons of dog ownership that you have to consider before taking one home.

Before you think about getting a dog, you have to consider what breed would be right for you. Do you have a large house and big yard? If so, a larger dog might be right for you. However, if you live in a smaller house or apartment in the city, a small dog might be the best choice. The beauty of dog ownership is that there is such a wide variety that could match anyone’s personality or lifestyle. For example, I own a medium sized, golden retriever named Bailey. I have a large yard, fairly big house, and a family. This makes a golden retriever the best fit for my family.

How much work is a dog? Again, this depends on the breed you own. A dog is basically an addition to your family, and will require some work. You will have to feed, and provide water to your dog constantly in order to keep the animal happy and healthy. Exercise is another very important aspect of owning a dog. You will NEED to give your dog some form of exercise every day. This may include hikes, jogs, walks, or just playing outside. Think of a dog as a human. They need some basic aspects a human needs to be happy and healthy. Shelter,lots of compassion and encouragement , food, water, and exercise are the most basic needs. The amount of food and exercise a dog needs will vary with size, but every dog will need lots of compassion. Regular trips to the vet are also important.

If you do all this, a dog will love you no matter what. They are by far, the most loyal animal you can ever own. If you are serious about adopting a dog, please consider an animal shelter. There are so many dogs waiting to be adopted at shelters, and if they are not they will be put down. Thank you for reading this article, and consider a dog today! It will be a choice you won’t regret. 

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7 thoughts on “Considering a Dog?

  1. I recently got a new dog, a mixed breed from the Animal Rescue League. She is very sweet– when she is ASLEEP! When awake she can be very loving, but she tends to chew things up, anything that’s around: shoes, yams, bubblewrap. We have gotten her all kinds of chew toys and bones but she likes the other stuff. I realized how much I love her when, the other day, she was clipped by a passing car (long story). She was okay, but for a minute, I was looking at the possibility of losing her, and I was undone. Love my dog, even though it is hard work to bring up baby to be a happy, productive citizen of our household.

  2. Great story! My dog Bailey is currently 14 years old, and there have been some bumps along the way. He recently started to lose his hearing so that has been hard. As far as the chewing goes, though that is normal, you may want to be careful of what you leave out because it can be a potential danger to your dog. I had a teacher once who’s dog ate a whole chocolate cake, which is VERY dangerous. Also, congratulations on your new dog! Thanks for choosing to rescue a dog!

  3. My dog once ate 2 pans of brownies, and my moms favorite pin cushion filled with over a hundred pins (not the pins and brownies simutaneously) and she was fine thank god!!

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