Why not Give Olive Garden a Try?


Photo Credits: rodasabrao

As I walk into Olive Garden into Olive Garden on Tobias Boland Way, I can smell the delicious Italian food, when I get the men there are so many choices to choose from I finally decide to have the salad and four cheese ravioli. Waiting for my food, I got a chance to look around at the whole restaurant, it was packed with people and they all looked very excited to get their food. Also the atmosphere seemed extremely friendly the employees were always happy to get you something as soon as they could and constantly ready to do there job. It didn’t take long at all before my food got there, I could smell the amazing sauce on the ravioli and the mouth watering Italian dressing for my salad. When I bit into the raviolis it was just an incredible taste bouncing around on my tongue, and also the salad was very good as well it had all the vegetables as you can think of and the dressing was delightful. Overall I found my trip to Olive Garden amazing and I am planning on going back soon.


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