F Minus: not just a bad grade

The Boston Globe is a fantastic newspaper, with many great qualities. I especially enjoy the G section, a section of the newspaper devoted to entertainment. Comics from the G section are a way that I love to start my day. I enjoy getting a good laugh before I go to school in the morning. Not every comic does that, but I know that I can always depend on Tony Carrillo to keep me in stitches.

Tony Carrillo is the creator of one of the best comics I have ever read; F Minus. For that, he is truly brilliant. I can always depend on Tony to provide a fresh, new idea that will keep me entertained. I can be picky about what I consider to be funny, but this comic strip is  hands down humorous. 

F Minus is great for several reasons. First of all, there are no repeating characters or themes. Unlike other comics, this one does not include bland, recurring themes and parodies. If you appreciate the brilliance of a comic, but hate those stupid jokes about the newest books or songs you will love this. Also, F Minus does not usually include childish and crude humor. There is a funny, clean idea in every submission.

I wish that more comics were as funny and interesting as Tony Carrillo’s outstanding, one- panel, comic- gold. So whether you get the Boston Globe or not, you should check out this comic. Thanks to Tony, an F Minus is no longer a bad grade but also a high- quality comic guaranteed to give you a chuckle. Check out his website on the following link: http://www.fminus.net/. A new comic is posted daily. Check it out!


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