The Best Measure of Success

The best measure of success is strength of character. I cling to this advice given to me by my mother.  I have found this to be a great motto to live by, simply because it works.  Having good character helps me on a personal level.  I am then able to build strong friendships, and contribute to my community and beyond.  I try to follow the Worcester Academy core values, such as honor and challenge.  From my church community and home, I learn similar values, which include honesty, generosity, forgiveness, and compassion. Playing on team sports teaches me loyalty, responsibility,and the courage to admit my failures.  Inarguably, one of the most important values is to respect other people and their property.  I draw upon all areas of my life to help me succeed.

photo credit: unknown

photo credit: unknown

Personal growth is of great importance.  It is through our failures that we learn and grow.  When I make a mistake, I muster up the courage to recognize where I went wrong, admit my faults, and think about how I will approach a similar situation the next time.  I take my responsibilities seriously and always try to put my best foot forward.  It’s hard work, but I do enjoy a good challenge that can put my integrity and diligence to the test.  A solid effort on myself makes it easier to build strong friendships.  Having good qualities, such as honesty, helps people to put their trust in me, and in return, I am able to place my trust in them.  Forgiveness is an important quality to practice to maintain a strong friendship.  People make mistakes, and it is a responsibility held by everyone to try to understand and forgive as best as they can so friends can remain loyal to each other.  Just as it is important to be a good listener to your friends, it is a good idea to generously listen to people in your community and around the world to hear what they have to say. There are many other ways to be generous, like helping people when they are in need, or giving to the less fortunate.  I am always willing to help out a friend or a stranger, because having done something good without expecting anything in return warms my heart and makes me satisfied with my actions. 

To be successful in life does not necessarily mean having a lot of money or the best stuff.  Success, rather, is measured by the ability to make good decisions based on values I have learned from adults and share my good fortune with others who may be in need.  I am blessed with an abundance of joy and inner peace and a handful of some very good friends.  Yes, I would say that I am on the road to success.  I am continually growing and learning and working on the best me.


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