On with thy Pants

Photo Credit: Unknown

As I went into the ski resort, I was blown away by how many boys were wearing shorts!

Now a day, boys think it is cool to wear shorts in the winter. When it is 30 degrees out, boys like to sag their pants down to their ankles. They think they look cool but personally, I do not think they do.

If live in New England, it is ridiculous to wear shorts.  I get it that you think you look “cool,” but you look like you are going to freeze you legs off.  When people get too cold then can get hypothermia or get frost bite and that can lead into a big issue. It does not cause hypothermia, it dries your skin out. Boys seems like they want to get sick and have dry skin. Living in Florida, people can pass by, but it just doesn’t work in New England.

There is some reasons you can wear shorts in winter. If you live in Florida, that is another story. There, it is warm and they do not experience the winter coldness. If you play basketball or do soccer then I think it is okay to wear shorts in winter. During athletic sports is an exception to wear shorts. Afterwards, if I were you, I would put sweatpants on to keep warm. Another exception to wear shorts in the winter is you are inside. I wear shorts inside my nice, cozy house if it is mildly warm out, but if it is not warm, then there is no chance I would even think about wearing shorts. These few exceptions into wearing shorts is not an excuse to wear shorts everywhere.

As the temperature drops, boys think it gets warmer outside. Something boys will never know is how bad it really is. Getting sick is a big problem. Once one person gets sick the whole school ends up sick. You can end up with hypothermia and/or dry skin  by wearing shorts. Wearing shorts is just a bad idea.

Wearing shorts in winter is a crazy, ridiculous idea that should not be done. Some exceptions are made but there is very few. It causes people to look sick and it just does not look good. Shorts are made for warm, hot weather: not New England.


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