Is it really worth using the public school systems of your town?

Photo Credits: Steve Cadman

Photo Credits: Steve Cadman

I sit here in my English class at Worcester Academy and all I can think about is why is it so much more beneficial to go to private school to the point where the tuition to come here is quite costly. Now a days, most parents are focused on just getting their children through school the least costly and easiest way. It is absurd how much money is needed just for even a slightly better environment and furthermore a better education for your children. Even though everyone knows private school is clearly better, parents still send their children to public school because they think the only thing that matters is college, when really, to get into a good college you need a good background education to do well there.

I am aware of this because both of my brothers, Gary, a Freshman at The University of Wisconsin and Kevin, a Junior at the University of Miami in Florida, went to private school for their four high school years and ended up at two pretty respectable colleges. However, they both went to public school at some point in middle school. My point is, some of their friends that they stayed in touch with from middle school that continued onto the public high school, were not going to colleges anywhere near as exceptional as the ones Kevin, Gary, and their friends were. The high school background of these students was nearly not as good as theirs. For instance, many students from Wachusett Regional Public High School, go to in state colleges or colleges that aren’t as pristine as others. The other, more challenging colleges are mainly filled with students from private schools.

I think some of this may be because the reputation of public school isn’t half as good as a private school’s reputation. It is also because the expectations in public school from the students is much less stringent, whereas in private school you must have lots of community service hours, and usually have to take part in some leadership program. Another reason is because in public school, some classes have well over thirty plus students in them, making it harder for a student to get extra help in a specific concept that they might not take to right away or, not  allowing a student to participate as much as they may like to. If students from  public school that may be just as smart as private school students can’t get into colleges as good as private school students, then the tuition of private schools clearly should not be as much as it is so that more students can experience a more successful future because they went to a good high school and even so, a good middle school too.

If innocent and deserving teenagers don’t have parents willing to pay to send them to private school, they are the ones affected by it. Private school is way too costly because it takes away special opportunities from other unique students that have parents who are unable to send them there. With all this being said, I think private schools should definitely take a closer look at the cost of the tuition and recognize how effective a number can be on one’s future.


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