Current Airline Crisis


Have you ever been in an airplane? Unless you have healthy body conditions, you will suffer from severe motion sickness . Being in an airplane alone is extremely tiring so you would expect the airplane to provide you with comfortable chairs and enough space between seats. The truth is, let alone the chairs, the flight attendants’ attitude is very disrespectful, I almost started screaming at them on the plane. The current airline services are terrible and they need great improvements.

The seats. They are extremely uncomfortable and for some long flights, sitting on it for 10+ hours give you back pains that last for days. Some airports give you blankets and pillows to sleep withand I would call them nice if they didn’t smell like my toilet blew up. And the seats aren’t really that big so when you unfortunately end up with a slight overweight person sitting next to you, it is a nightmare you’ll never forget. Up until now it’s understandable, but there are close to no space between the rows of the seats. I always have to squeeze my legs tight to my seat and can never extend them. After ten hours of your legs cramped in your seat? Well, it doesn’t feel at all nice. Airlines should work on improving the seats’ quality and agree to spend a few extra bucks on the pillows and the blankets.  

There are a lot of companies out in the world that requires workers to interact with customers. Restaurants, other stores, markets, customer satisfaction centers, and even corporate companies serve clients. Most of these service agents are friendly to you and work hard to satisfy your needs. But Airlines, where workers should be even friendlier because after a long, uncomfortable flight, the customers tend to get a little grumpy, has terrible service. I’m not saying all airlines’ services are terrible but there are some airlines with extremely hostile attendants. First, at the  place where you load bags, the agent expects us to load 20 pounds bage up the rail in five seconds and starts complaining if you take a little more time. On the luggage check room, the police officers practically starts to scream at you if you take some time taking of your shoes and loading the luggages. Finally, on the plane, the attendants, often puts your carry- on bags in containers far away from your seat so you would have to shove your way back in the busy airplane hallway. As you get off the plane, you have to stand the attendants’ extremely hostile voice that tells you to hurry up through the door. I think that the Service agents’ employment process should be strictly enforced.

Currently, there are  many issues with our airline quality. The service is terrible, and the facility of the airplane is about rock bottom. To solve this crisis, airlines should focus on these issues and be willing to spend more money in order solve these problems.


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