Brothers and Friendly’s: Not My Favorite

Photo Credit: Rusty Clark

Photo Credit: Rusty Clark

Friendly’sAll I could think as we waited for 45 minutes was gosh, I hate my brother and I hate Friendly’s. Sure, it was my brother’s birthday, but my whole family, besides him, agrees that the dinner at Friendly’s was horrible. My brother was turning double-digits so it was something to celebrate, but he picked the worst venue to do it.

The service and food was appalling at Friendly’s. To begin with, no one but my brother actually likes Friendly’s. I do understand though, because when I was his age, I loved the place like almost every ten year old, but at least when I was ten we had much better service. 

Before my family  left the house, we tried to convince him to change his mind on where to eat, but he wouldn’t listen and made a fatal mistake. I suggested to him to choose Tarkata, a sushi restaurant, Bamboo House, a Chinese restaurant, or any other place. We walked in and there was no one there, besides 2 staff members, which is never a good sign.

Everything was okay, but then there were warning signals. The warning signals should have clued us in to what terrible events were to come. First, my dad, sister, and I ordered Sprite and they were all flat. Then the waitress dropped a glass of water by accident and it splattered on the ground. When the ice shattered onto the floor my patience shattered too. Then we waited….waited…….and waited……..and…….still waited.

My brother has ADHD and was getting very antsy from waiting. Even my parents, sister, and I were getting annoyed and I could feel the steam exploding out of my ears. We kept asking when our food would be ready and kept getting, “your food is almost done.” Yeah, you said that 10 minutes ago.

With my family being the only ones at the restaurant and them spending 45 minutes in the kitchen, we had no clue as to what they were doing. I didn’t want to know what they were doing. After all the waiting, I think we all “hit our wall.” I know we all just wanted to leave. Then the food finally came.

I don’t think any presentation could have made the warmed up frozen food at all appealing. The chicken fingers looked and tasted like road kill that was shoved in the freezer for way too long and then finally “cooked.” The fries were soggy and looked like boogers. The ketchup was chunky and reminded me of blood. My love for chicken fingers could have ended right then and there but since then I have never looked back and continue to chomp on delicious, crispy tenders that are not from Friendly’s.

The dinner was far from a good, real meal with interesting food choices, great service, and actual hand-cooked food. We left the restaurant with our bellies full, but maybe ready to barf because the food was so sickening. As I consumed the horrible food, the horrible restaurant consumed my life and we tried to put the night behind us. One of the good things from this experience is that I learned a valuable life lesson. The life lesson is to never let your brother pick where you go out to dinner and never go to Friendly’s.


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