What Makes a Good Baseball Team

Photo Credit: LandRover164

Every year baseball fans wonder what team will win it all. This year it was the San Francisco Giants, a team that was not even considered to make it to the World Series. Even if the team did not win it all, they still would have been the best team in the MLB. Although the Giants’ team isn’t the strongest or the fastest, they have something special that allows them to win.

This “something special” is being clutch. Look at their postseason run. They were down 2-0 in their first series against the Reds, looking elimination square in the eye, and they managed to win their next three games to move on. After that, they were down 3-1 in the series against the Cardinals. Almost everyone had them counted out, but their amazing resistance to defeat lead them to their second World Series in three years. There is no other team that has the ability to do this besides them. 

Also, the Giants team is stacked with pitching. Whether Matt Cain is starting or Sergio Romo comes in to close, you know it is going to be a great game. The pitching staff’s regular season record was amazing! They had only 1361 hits, 593 earned runs, 489 walks, a jaw dropping 1237 strikeouts, and a combined ERA of 3.68. This bullpen is easily one of the best, if not the best, pitching staffs in the MLB.
Another key factor in the Giants success is their ability to hit the ball where they need to. Their batting rotation is not even one of the greatest if your talking about amazing sluggers, but they know how to hit under pressure right where they need to. Look at game four of the World Series. It was the top of the tenth inning and Marco Scutaro hits a go ahead RBI to eventually win the game and the attention of millions. Although they only had a disappointing 103 total home runs, they made up for it with another stat. They had 675 RBIs and 718 runs. This means that only 43 times a run was scored without someone moving a player over. Therefore 43 times they scored by either a solo homerun or a walk.

As you can see, the Giants possess something that many teams overlook. While everyone else is hunting for the big names, the Giants are looking for the ability to thrive under pressure. The Yankees are a team with big names and no game. Alex Rodriguez choked so bad in the playoffs that they had to sit him. He is supposed to be amazing! Say what you want about the Giants being lucky, but they succeeded even when the cards were stacked against them.


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