Do you want to live or die?

Do you want to die? If you don’t, you must vote for Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney will save your life, unlike  Barack Obama. Obama just wants to buy all types of solar panels and wind turbines, and we do not have any money to do that.

Obama is not thinking straight. He does not realize we can not afford anything like that all at once. We all will not have cash in our wallets.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney will keep our lives alive. Romney will start bringing in clean energy slowly, that is the key.

If we bring in clean energy slowly, we will conserve money. We will conserve money bringing clean energy in slowly because, solar panels and wind turbines are expensive so we can not buy them all at once, but if we do it slowly we can start saving money. Once they are all set up and running we will already have so much money for putting them in slowly.

Bringing in clean energy will not just save us money but will help our debt, turbines and solar panels are expensive setting them up so we can not do all of them at once if we do it over time Also, Mitt Romney will try to use every renewable resources he can find to keep our Earth clean and keep us healthy.

Vote for Romney if you want money and to live, have clean land, and stay healthy.

We will not stay healthy with Obama because he just wants to buy all the clean energy props all at once and then we will lose even more money! With the money we will lose we will not have moey to get our selves the things we need to live daily.


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