The Top Three Must Have iPod / iPhone Apps


Photo Credit: vacekrae

Have you ever been stuck at an airport because of a delayed flight? Do you take long car rides to see friends and family with your kids who easily get bored? How about being stuck in the house on those pesky rainy days? Of course, we all have had those days where there just isn’t anything to do. Well, look no further than this blog post for the best reviews on the top three iPhone / iPod apps there are! With these games you will never be bored again on those not-so-friendly days.

Number Three:

Temple Run (By: Imangi Studios)

Price: Free

Compatible with: iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Grab your running shoes and giant monkey repellent! We’re going to the jungle! In this arcade style single player game you play as one of seven characters in a fictional world with an Indiana Jones feel to it. You start out as “Guy Dangerous,” an adventurer seeking the riches in an ancient temple. Hop over piles of stones and slide under flaming ropes and rotten tree trunks while collecting gold coins. The catch? Giant demon monkeys are chasing after you. Stop by the store (a main menu option) to buy upgrades, new characters, and iDevice backgrounds! This quick paced adventure game is sure to be a must have app this season.
An alternative (99 cent) game aimed for young girls is Temple Run Brave, based on the Disney/Pixar movie, Brave. Play as Princess Merida and run from a ferocious bear while collecting coins and practicing your archery on your way to freedom.

Number two:

Cut The Rope (By: Chillingo and zeptolab)

Price: 99 cents

Compatible with: iPhone, iPod, and iPad

What would you do if a mysterious box appeared on your doorstep containing a cute little monster? Feed him candy, of course! In this no-stress arcade style game you play as the human who receives a little monster called Om Nom who has a giant appetite for colorful candy. In over 100 levels you must guide a piece of candy to Om Nom using your finger to cut ropes and using bubbles to collect three stars before feeding your little friend. Chillingo and Zeptolab have been kind enough to give players the options of skipping levels if they find it too difficult. But be careful! Too many skips and you won’t be able to open the next box. A box is a box (duh) of 25 levels, and you must collect a certain amount of stars before unlocking a new box. This game is worth every penny I paid for it and continues to give me something to do after 2 years of having it on my iPod.

Number One:

Angry Birds (By: Rovio)

Price: 99 cents

Compatible with: iPhone, iPod, and iPad (And most other tablets such as Kindle Fire, Nook Color, etc.)

I know, I know. Angry Birds is one of the most talked about apps in the history of the app store, but no matter how overly milked it is the original Angry Birds is definitely the Number One app ever created. If you haven’t heard of Angry Birds you must have been living under a rock for the past three (almost four) years. Angry Birds is an arcade-style game where you play as wingless birds who want their stolen eggs back from the greedy green pigs. In over 300 levels you destroy small forts guarded by the piggies and kill them (don’t worry, Mom and Dad, it’s not violent; they just poof away in a puff of smoke). Each bird has a unique “power” such as boomerang abilities, inflatable feather power, and multiplying to give the game some kick. Overall this game has beautiful retina display graphics, a pleasant cartoony feel, and fun little noises and characters to let your inner child run free. Well worth the 99 cents if you ask me! If you were captivated as much as I was by this game you can check out the 6 other versions including one spin off where you play as the pigs (called Bad Piggies).

I hope you found my blog post informative and entertaining! Until next time this is lochtalks99 bringing you quality reviews and posts since Autumn 2012.


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